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In His Image Physicals

Everyone! They are here! We have 100 gorgeous CDs of "In His Image" looking for a new home!

We shall be selling these lovelies this coming Tuesday at our gig with the awesome Emersis, Tales of Autumn and Domination from Greece! Or if you live too far away to buy one in person, you can buy one from our Big Cartel store here: "In His Image"

If you have a Derelict Dream Tuesday is the day to wear it because we are doing a fantastic one-time deal. If you show up wearing one of our shirts (available here: Derelict Dream T's) you will get our "In His Image" E.P. Knocked down from £5 to £3! We're only going to do this on Tuesday so make sure you guys get your discounted copy!

And if you don't have a Derelict Dream T-Shirt yet, do not fret! We are also going to be doing a Bundle deal and you'll get a Derelict Dream T-Shirt and an "In His Image" CD for just £10! So get down and get you're copy of "In His Image" this coming Tuesday!

The most brutal of love to you all. <3


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