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"They combine melodic metal with eerily gothic synth sounds and chugging riffs to come up something likened to progressive doom metal and death metal"

- Metal Meyhem Radio -


"The sound they produce is one that truly pushes from the heaviest side of the spectrum to the most serene and moving"


- Distorted Sound Magazine -


"If there is something the band Derelict Dream cannot be accused of, it is to arrest themselves to one musical genre"


- Metal Forever -

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Derelict Dream embody the ultimate feeling of evil and sorrow. The claustrophobia and terror of entrapment inside a dream you can never escape. The punishment that awaits for your sins.


Influenced by the slow and evil death metal of Bloodbath and Beyond Creation, the mechanised rhythms of Meshuggah and Gojira and the ethereal and otherworldly tones of Sylosis, Opeth and Devin Townsend, Derelict Dream are here to bring new, exciting and disturbing music to their audience.


Covering subjects such as psychological malaise, a self-inflicted perdition and the primal instinct to survive, they will be sure to leave you with your soul aurally defenestrated.

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